Mind Games

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Learn your brain's secrets while you figure out 70+ mind challenges in this new special issue from Discover magazine.

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Mind Games, from the publishers of Discover magazine, is filled with fun and fascinating puzzles, riddles, illusions, brain teasers, and more, along with articles that explain how the brain works.

This 92-page issue includes:

  • Intriguing articles that explain how your mind works. 
  • 70+ puzzles in five categories: Words, Numbers, Shapes & Sizes, Logic, and Perception & Memory.
  • Answers to the puzzles — not that you’ll need them!

Mind Games is now available in a convenient digital format so you can enjoy your favorite hobby on your PC, Mac, laptop, iPad, iPhone and select Android devices version 2.2 or higher. Powered by Zinio™, digital editions are available on PC; Macintosh; Android™; iPad®; iPhone®; and Windows.

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